Home work help

Home work help is Available:

Monday thru Friday school days.AS_1_w

Ages Pre-K – 5th Grade

  •     Small Groups and Individual Attention to each child.
  •     Homework Assistance and help with school projects and research
  •     Additional tutoring is available if required
  •     Everyday  30 min. of sports activities
  •     Weekly Art Class, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Judo or Karate,Drama, Zumba

Our after school program helps working parents keep control of their children’s everyday school progress and needs. Our unique approach utilizes a combination of sports and brain development, cultivating concentration, memory training and logical skills to prepare for school tests and special exams.

Our After School Program participants qualify for a 15% discount on any preferred additional classes.


We are offering wide range of activities for children, like none else in our area, which could be used during week days and weekends in accordance with schedule and age/ skills appropriate activities:

  •  Art : Painting, Drawing, SculptureAS_3_w
  • Creative Writing
  •  Lego Robotics
  • Chess
  • Karate, Judo, Chess, Rhythmic Gymnastic 
  • Drama workshops
  • Russian language and Literature




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