Science & Engineering

LEGO® Robotics for Science & Engineering workshops for children 6-10 yo right here at Brighton Kids Club!



LEGO® Robotics Workshops – our new project to help children to learn through creative hands-on problem solving and creating individual projects of different levels and step by step explore mechanics from simple machines and mechanisms to concepts in science and engineering to continue with LEGO® MINDSTORMS and LEGO® Robotics

Our goal is to design solutions that inspire kids to address the largest possible dimensions of academic standards through applying leading edge technologies. We believe that productive work with LEGO® technology can have a huge effect on introducing science, engineering and learning to school-aged kids. Brighton Kids Club’s mission is to share this understanding with parents and learners to encourage educational excellence and school enhancement.

LEGO® Robotics classes provide a cutting-edge opportunity for kids to design and create individualistic LEGO® robots. Kids of all skill levels will have a thrilling hands-on experience in a friendly and  fulfilling environment.



Brighton Kids Club offers one-on-one or group (up to 8 children) classes. Children that currently attend Kindergarten or Pre-K will enjoy experimenting with science while learning how to build imaginative creations with LEGO® blocks. Your kids will be stunned to see their Lego creations come to life!

Age appropriate projects and subordinate activities will make each and every workshop an unforgettable experience!

Build with LEGO® Robotics at Brighton Kids Club !

* We are not affiliated  with LEGO®, rather just assisting children by using their wonderful, educational supplies created for all ages.Lego_Mindstorm_2_w


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